About Lakion

Lakion is a web consultancy focused on development and consulting services around Sylius e-commerce solution. Our key is understanding your business and helping you to achieve your real goals through BDD.

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Sylius is powering vast amount of complex web applications from all around the world. Built with quality and ease of customization in mind, it is the innovation that could take your business to the next level.

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Custom Development

Sylius is all about flexibility. We can customize the default installation or build a tailored solution for your business. With the help of our framework and components - we provide outstanding results straightaway and with a greater effect.


"I was impressed with you in every area, but notably your attention to detail, awareness of the varying abilities of the group, your presentation style and understanding of which topics were important to cover for us."

Peter Ward, Development Projects Lead at REISS

  • TDD your API with Symfony and PHPUnit

    30.12.2015 / Łukasz Chruściel

    Easy TDD with API? Now it's possible! Learn how to design wonderful API on a top of Symfony by test-driving it with our ApiTestCase.

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  • How we sped up Sylius' Behat suite with Blackfire

    26.11.2015 / Kamil Kokot

    Speeding up your Behat suite six times sounds insane? Have a look at our case study, which presents the way we managed to shorten Sylius build by over two hours.

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  • Summer Internships 2015 Finale

    22.10.2015 / Sylwia Woźniak, Paweł Jędrzejewski

    After three intense months, full of hard work and heap of new experience for both, us and interns, it is time to close our Summer Internship Programme. As they say, all good things must come to an end. It has been an exciting adventure and a big challenge for a young company in its first year of operations.

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  • PHP Summer Camp 2015 Review

    23.09.2015 / Sylwia Woźniak

    It’s been three weeks since we got back from PHP Summer Camp in Croatia and we want to share with you our feelings about this great event!

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