We develop software for your eCommerce business

We are the team behind Sylius project and together with the community we have created one of the most promising eCommerce platforms in the world. We specialize in custom implementation of applications for early-stage Start-ups and other innovative businesses that share our vision.

Sylius Consulting and Coaching

We help companies with bootstrapping new Sylius projects, defining the best architecture for their specific use-case and we are also supporting them through the entire course of the project. Having access to the Core Team allows you to save time and money when working on your next Sylius project. We understand the importance of knowledge-sharing and we focus on transferring our expertise to your team in the process of Coaching.

Training & Workshops

Training with the creators of Sylius is the best way to get started with your new eCommerce platform of choice. We train agencies and Start-up’s in-house development teams. Our workshops are not only about learning Sylius itself, but they also cover development methodologies and software philosophy behind the project, which makes your team happier and more productive.

Training details:

  • Place: Anywhere in the world
  • Languages: English, Polish
  • Duration: 1-5 day(s)

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Mobile eCommerce APIs

We have great experience working with mobile and we build eCommerce API for iOS & Android applications.

Micro-service architecture

Sylius API tools allow us to build micro-service based applications with ease.

Migration from legacy platforms

Thanks to Sylius component-based architecture we can easily migrate from your old platform step-by-step.

Want to see how we work?

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