We understand the importance of iterative approach to product development and have great experience in working with Start-Ups which want to leverage Agile techniques. Our process is very clear and transparent to the customer. Every two weeks we present you a working version of the software, gather feedback and plan the further development.

We develop all our projects on GitHub platform, which is accessible to the customer during the whole course of the project. You can see every single change done in the project code base, participate in discussions and have an overview of our progress.

We also have a very strong culture of Code Review, which means that every single change is reviewed by fellow developers to ensure the highest quality of code.

Our test suites provide feedback about all changes done in the code base in matter of minutes or even seconds. Even the smallest patch to your product is run against automated testing on our servers before it is applied to the production website. This allows us to deliver more features and improvements with less bugs, in a shorter time frame.

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Lakion Toolbelt

Why build your next e­Commerce with us?

We are constantly polishing our unique process that combines Lean Start-up approach with Agile software development thanks to BDD and pioneer eCommerce framework.

Business Analysis
  • Discovery Workshops
  • Building the Product Backlog and prioritizing it
  • Behat scenarios (user stories)
  • Defining the MVP
  • Defining big picture architecture and technologies
  • Estimation through Planning Poker
The first sprint
  • In 2 weeks, get first version of working software with first set of most important features
  • QA
  • Tagging the first release
  • Sprint Review
  • Gathering feedback and adjusting the course
Iterative development until we reach the MVP
  • More sprints, optional consulting and training for your team

Technology and tools

Need help in building custom eCommerce application?

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