Kamil Kokot26/11/2015

How we sped up Sylius' Behat suite with Blackfire

Speeding up your Behat suite six times sounds insane? Have a look at our case study, which presents the way we managed to shorten Sylius build by over two hours.


Sylwia Woźniak22/10/2015

Summer Internships 2015 Finale

After three intense months, full of hard work and heap of new experience for both, us and interns, it is time to close our Summer Internship Programme. As they say, all good things must come to an end. It has been an exciting adventure and a big challenge for a young company in its first year of operations.


Sylwia Woźniak23/09/2015

PHP Summer Camp 2015 Review

It’s been three weeks since we got back from PHP Summer Camp in Croatia and we want to share with you our feelings about this great event!


Kamil Kokot15/09/2015

Easy debugging on CI with Mink

Debugging Behat suite while using Mink is not an easy job. Especially, if they are run on Continuous Integration server. That is why I came up with an idea to make it easier.


Paweł Jędrzejewski, Michał Marcinkowski31/07/2015

First Year of Lakion

Yesterday we have celebrated the first year of Lakion. It has been very exciting twelve months. We would like to summarize what we have achieved so far and what are our plans for the future.


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