Tymoteusz Stengert, Paweł Jędrzejewski, Michał Marcinkowski14/12/2016

SymfonyCon Berlin 2016 Review

SymfonyCon Berlin 2016 was an unforgettable and extremely intensive time for us. Besides participating in the fantastic conference, we managed to release Sylius BETA and launch our two websites sylius.org and lakion.com. All in 3 days!

This year’s conference was the biggest one in the history of Symfony’s community events, uniting over 1,200 developers fascinated by Open Source. We met many awesome people, watched a lot of interesting presentations and had even more inspiring conversations. Unchangeably, every Symfony conference is the best networking opportunity you can dream of.

Obviously, one of the most interesting talks was the keynote of Fabien Potencier, founder of Symfony and SensioLabs. Fabien talked about the evolution of the cache management and explained some improvements yet to come. He also announced the new SensioLabs’ product, SensioCloud. It is a continuous deployment cloud hosting optimized for Symfony applications. Surely, something to consider for all Symfony projects including the ones using Sylius too!

Lakion team was represented by Michał and Paweł. During his talk “5 Year with Symfony”, Paweł shared some tips and experiences he had gained, working on Symfony projects since the early days of Symfony 2.0. Attendees were shown variety of examples, from small websites, through complex APIs, to 14 years old legacy systems. The most important project among those all is obviously Sylius. Within this 5 years, our framework has been integrated with various Symfony applications, like eZ Platform or Akeneo PIM and has become one of the most promising competitors to the existing solutions of the mainstream market, like Magento.

One of the most interesting talks was from David Zuelke, who presented an amazing tool called Kafka, which is a fast, distributed commit log. A single broker can handle huge amounts of data, reads and writes from many clients. Definitely useful in the world of eCommerce.

After months of hard work, we released BETA during the conference. It turned out to be a great decision so far. We have got a lot of direct positive feedback. Anyone interested could have a chat with us, while we were handing out Sylius and Lakion gadgets, especially news stickers.

A talk definitely worth seeing was from Alexander Lisachenko, who explained how to make your Symfony applications much faster with Varnish and proper caching.

Last day we participated in a hackday, an absolutely classic part of every Symfony gathering. All day of coding together and sharing ideas in one space - that is what every developer loves the most.

Finally, SymfonyCon brought two more milestones for us - our redesigned websites: lakion.com and sylius.org. We had spent countless hours iterating on every detail in order to provide all of our followers with modern, esthetic and maximally intuitive to operate sites. In order to continually improve them, we still need your opinion. Please share your feedback by dropping us an e-mail or getting in touch via Twitter or any other social media channel.

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