Paweł Jędrzejewski23/12/2014

Rapid REST API Development with Lionframe

Christmas are coming and we have something special for you!

While working on Sylius, I have come up with an idea for generic-use and format agnostic CRUD controllers. Thanks to several amazing packages from Symfony & Sylius communities, you can build REST APIs in minutes.

What is Lionframe?

Lionframe - Rapid REST API development framework, based on Symfony and few libraries, including:

What you can do?

Lionframe workflow is very simple:

  • Create or generate your Doctrine model (~30s)
  • Configure it as resource and in routing (~20s)
  • Default REST API is ready to use!

Sylius resource layer can work with any persistence backend, but currently ORM (SQL databases), MongoDB and PHPCR are supported. Doctrine ORM is used in Lionframe’s tutorial.


PHP Community has some great tools to handle REST APIs, but we need more rapid development and we decided to combine these tools with Sylius resource management bundle and provide you with a robust API framework.

How to get started?

It is really simple to use and you just need to follow our Lionframe Tutorial.


All contributions and ideas are welcome, help us improve the world of PHP! Do not forget to star Lionframe on GitHub and follow @Lakion on Twitter to keep up with the updates!

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