Tymoteusz Stengert05/09/2016

PHPers Summit 2016

PHPers Summit 2016 was the first daylong Polish conference organized by the PHPers community, which took place in Poznań on 20th of August 2016. We are bursting with pride because Łukasz, a member of our team, had a chance to present his lecture about diversified application testing based on the Sylius project. Three other Lakion teammates: Kamil, Arek and Mateusz also participated in the event, deriving loads of fresh inspirations, possible to implement in our platform, Sylius. Clearly, we showed up with a strong representation. Our commitment can be proven by Mateusz, who came back to Poland for two days from his business delegation in Berlin. Surely he did not regret it.

Our beautiful team. From the left: Mateusz, Łukasz and Arek.

There is no shadow of doubt that our programmers were deeply impressed with the organization of the event. The summit had been preceded by the day of the workshops. Our team found particularly interesting the ‘Graphs analytics with Neo4J’ held by Mariusz Gil. Many astonishing ideas have started to grow in our minds!

In general, around 300 people are estimated to have taken part in whole meeting. 14 lectures provided a lot of fascinating discussions, one of which was devoted to Sylius. “At the beginning of my appearance I asked if people had known Sylius. Guess what. Everybody knew it!”, says Łukasz. “My presentation was focused on the application testing issue, but later on participants bombarded me with questions about the roadmap of our platform. They literally cannot wait for the beta version!”

Łukasz at his best!

Audience at Łukasz’s presentation.

Łukasz mainly brought into light variant ways of testing the Sylius project. From designing via PHPSpec through API testing with ApiTestCase library to GUI testing with Behat. "I hope people will find all these things useful", he says. "Mostly I am wondering, if they will begin to use our new Behat approach. It starts to be a really popular tool, but in the end, you are not able to find too much information about its usage in a big project". Afterwards, our team got many positive words. Surprisingly, even some Java developer admitted he had collected much concept, possible to apply in his project! That is the true spirit and value of PHPers meetings - sharing and broadening ideas. And there is no better moment for it, than an after party beer, beloved by every genius programmer. Guys obviously recall it with wide smiles.

Guys having good time. Photo courtesy of Zbigniew Prętki.

We are highly satisfied that our teammates gained another experiences, presenting their work in public and received a bunch of bright thoughts, which they can use in the future. Łukasz, Kamil, Arek and Mateusz have taken part in many PHPers meetings before, but they definitely agree - this one was the best. We would love to see and participate in the continuous development of this great idea.

Answering the most frequent question: Sylius beta version is just behind a corner - wait until the end of November and you will not be disappointed ;).

For more information about the PHPers Summit 2016 go to 2016.summit.phpers.pl. Also see Łukasz’s presentation here.

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