Sylwia Woźniak23/09/2015

PHP Summer Camp 2015 Review

It’s been three weeks since we got back from PHP Summer Camp in Croatia and we want to share with you our feelings about this A W E S O M E event!

First of all, big thanks to whole Netgen team, you guys did incredibly good job. Your paying attention to details and constantly caring for all participants made it a great time and we can not wait for the next edition! The icing on the cake was super hot, beautiful weather and dazzling views.

The entire conference was well organized. Everyone worked on previously prepared virtual machines so the problem with environment setup was partly eliminated. Most workshops went really smooth and enjoyed great popularity. We were leading Rapid REST API Development and Modelling By Example workshops. What is more, our speakers, Michał Marcinkowski and Paweł Jędrzejewski, shared their knowledge and experience in the fields of API development and Symfony E-Commerce during “Meet the Experts” session. Furthermore, during farewell dinner at the Mexican restaurant, Paweł was chosen as the best speaker and we could not be more proud of him!

What we valued most was a chance to met all of you folks personally. Not only did we make new friends and contacts but also found out about many new projects launched on Sylius. This is really amazing to hear that Sylius is getting more and more popular. We are truly excited about it and we are glad that you share it with us.

Of course, organizers also took care of our entertainment and planned excellent set of extras. On first day, in the evening we were guests of a very climatic tavern situated right by the sea and had a chance to taste famous Istrian wines. Another time we hung out in a trendy club sipping delicious coctails. Last day was intended for a boat trip and sightseeing an old town, Poreč. Can’t imagine a better ending of the whole week.

You can be sure there is no other event quite like PHP Summer Camp and it made us even more happy that we could be among Bronze Sponsors. Hope to see you all next year!

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