Sylwia Woźniak28/07/2015

PHP Summer Camp 2015

Can you imagine something better than coding? And what will you say about coding, on the sunny beach, at the crystal clear sea? We know it sounds amazing! ;) Welcome to the PHP Summer Camp 2015! It will be the fourth edition of this great event, held in breathtaking Rovinj, in Croatia, from 26th to 29th August 2015.

Whole idea is to provide hands-on workshops, dedicated to learning PHP and Symfony2. PHP Summer Camp is combined with eZ Summer Camp. If you are interested with eZ related topics you can always drop in on their presentations - that’s all at the same location!

Summer Camp is organized by Netgen and PCO Salsa Adria Production and you can be sure that these guys will cover all your needs. We deeply appreciate all the engagement put into organization this event and we are excited to announce that this year, Lakion is a bronze sponsor of Summer Camp!

As a bunch of speakers consist of outstanding experts in PHP world, the more we are pleased to occur among them. At Day II Michał Marcinkowski will show you how useful our Lionframe is and will prove that you can build your own mature, RESTful API in minutes using this rapid development framework! Next day, our Paweł Jędrzejewski will introduce you the hot topic “Modelling by Example”, the combination of BDD and Domain-Driven-Design, which allows your domain and scenarios to grow together. On the stage will also perform Ryan Weaver with his presentation “Classes, interfaces, dependency injection and OOP best practices” and Saša Stamenković with “Doctrine: Get to work with mapping, queries and relationships!”. In addition, David Buchmann will be talking about HTTP caching with Varnish and Jakub Zalas will teach you how to loose coupling in practice. There are many other interesting talks, just check the agenda!

Besides, there will be also time for fun and leisure like sightseeing, wine tasting or boat trip. Even the ancient Greeks knew that a sound mind is in a sound body so we can’t wait for taking part in the first-ever Summer Camp Triathlon!

It is going to be amazing, believe us, you cannot miss it! :) Click here and take your ticket now! See you there!

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