Paweł Jędrzejewski23/06/2014

Early Partner Program

Lakion, co-founded by the creator of Sylius, supports the open source community and provides commercial services for all companies leveraging Sylius platform.

We are committed to build a truly open and friendly environment for individual developers, designers and agencies implementing Sylius. By participating in our Partner Program, you gain access to extensive training and support for your team, which allows you to tackle challenging projects and provide your clients with amazing e-commerce experience. You get the unique opportunity to be one of the first Sylius solution providers and gain recognition as a trusted partner.

We are still preparing the infrastructure and exclusive knowledge base, but we encourage you start early partner conversation today!

Why and how?

We believe in the philosophy of “making the pie bigger” and we are very motivated to work with all digital businesses from Sylius community in order to make it better and popular! Additionally, we want to connect people and entrepreneurs interested in Sylius with the right teams, which received appropriate training and are capable of delivering the best results.


  • Learning new and emerging technology firsthand
  • Co-marketing of Sylius project
  • Being highlighted as a Partner on the website
  • Sales leads
  • Building teams with other partners
  • Discounts on training and consulting services
  • Exclusive support


  • At least two developers trained at on-site Sylius Training
  • Commitment to revenue and business objectives
  • Building highest quality solutions
  • Annual fee
  • Contributing to Sylius open source ecosystem

Get in touch

As we are getting closer to the stable release, we will post more information about the program. In the coming weeks we will publish listing of our first partners! If you would like to learn more about Early Partner Program, tell us about what you do - by sending an e-mail to

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