Academic Job Fair and our Internships

In April 2015 we took part in the Academic Job Fair (ATP) based in Łódź. It was the largest fair of this kind in Poland. Over 16,000 visitors could get acquainted with the offers of over 120 exhibitors.

We met with great interest from all of the visitors, especially students and graduates. It was a chance to meet with us face to face and get some details about how we work and what we do. Our team familiarized guests with our company profile and shared some tips and tricks which you would not know from websites ;) Thanks to ATP we gathered a large database of potential candidates and we could start planning our Summer Internship.

After recruitment process we selected the best six candidates and we invited them to work with us. Internship starts on Monday (6th of July) and will last for 3 months. It will be devided into 2 parts. First one, the series of trainings, will allow to learn the rules of writing high quality code and the most useful design patterns. We will teach our Interns how to work with the best IT project management methodology (Scrum) and show modern techniques of software development (including Behavior-Driven-Development). The second part of Internship will be project implementation based on web technologies, using the knowledge and techniques learned during the trainings. It will be a perfect chance to gain experience in a group work.

Lakion’s Internship is an unique opportunity to learn straight from experts in the field of e-commerce and we just can’t wait to share this knowledge with our Interns!

Want to see how we work?

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